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I hope to work with Retail Attractions again very soon. It was a pleasure doing business with you in Owasso. You are a man of your word who can also deliver.

Kevin Sendrey
Dicks Sporting Goods
New Store Real Estate
Plano, Texas

The Advantages of Hiring Retail Attractions

The goal of all businesses, communities and organizations is to maximize their return on investment, whether it is money spent internally or externally. We understand this need and are committed to providing exceptional value to our clients through attentive service, broad-based market knowledge, dynamic data and marketing, a proven approach and our extensive professional network. We define value as results produced efficiently at less cost to the client. Here is what that means to you...

1. Results. Retail Attractions is intimately familiar with the dynamics of development and brings our experience, network of contacts and concentrated approach to bear immediately on behalf of our clients. No valuable time is lost through learning the process or learning the area... there is no acclimation period. We are ready to help your community, group or company begin attracting new retail business today. Have questions about the process or current clients? Contact us... we're here to help.


Why Hire Retail Attractions
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2. Efficiency. Employing a knowledgeable, experienced consulting firm to bring new retail to a community, or to find the right site for your next development, or to serve as a liaison between developer and community, shortens the process.

  • Communities gain an economic development professional who can advise city staff regarding incentives, timelines, negotiations, infrastructure, value and risk. We will assess, brand and aggressively market your community to the retail world based on verifiable, third-party, market-specific data. We know what investors want to see when they are making a location decision.
  • Developers gain an experienced, on-the-ground partner who can evaluate sites based on proprietary data algorithms and market-specific information. Let us find you the best sites for your next project, based on your specific site criteria. We understand municipal governments and the operational realities developers face. We can smooth the process and shorten time to market for your project.

3. Less Cost. Consultants are employed when a specific need arises. There is no need to hire a salaried economic development professional and pay wages, insurance costs, employment taxes and other benefits. Our clients reap the benefits of an experienced, successful retail specialist without incurring the expenses of a full-time exempt employee.

Let's get started today.

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