Retail Attractions provides a wide range of economic development services.
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Retail Attractions, LLC provides general municipal consulting services to growing communities. These are some of the services that are provided to clients.

  • Development of local or regional comprehensive plans
  • Development of water, storm water and sewer master plans 
  • Development of transportation / traffic flow master plans 
  • Development of technology master plans
  • Development of zoning master plans 
  • Development of parking, lighting, sign, and landscaping ordinances 
  • Advise and assist city governments with annexation efforts
  • Consult and advise municipal stakeholders about potential public / private partnerships

Real sustainable economic development must be holistic and include a full spectrum of considerations. In healthy communitie, thought must be given to residential development, job creation, delivery of educational and medical services, and the infrastructure that is foundational to growth overall. Retail Attractions, LLC can help develop a plan to grow your community with a well-planned and strategically designed program.

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Of critical importance to any community market research project is accurately defining the trade area, the geographic area from which the majority of consumers are to be drawn. Estimating trade areas requires skilled judgment and experience. Simply using concentric rings or drive times reports is not an accurate method of determining trade area. We produce radius and drive time reports because they are quick and provide great basic information.

There are many factors that affect the trade area. Retail Attractions uses real world experience and research to analyze the factors affecting trade area and define an accurate primary trade area. The most accurately estimated trade area takes into account factors such as population densities, retail voids or other retail competition, competitive communities, natural barriers, traffic flow, accessibility and convenience.

Our standard reports include city limits, 5, 10, 15, and 20 mile radius reports, 10, 15, and 30 minute drive time reports, and custom trade area reports. Depending on the size of the market area considered, there may be primary trade area, secondary trade area, and sometimes even a tertiary trade area for select retail categories.

At Retail Attractions, our preliminary trade area is defined partly using Reilly’s Law of Retail Gravitation which describes the effect of competition and the premise that people want to shop in larger towns but their desire declines in direct relation to the distance and time they must travel to reach those places. We assess the distance and retail offerings of the surrounding communities to get a starting point for the trade area. From there, the area is adjusted to account for natural barriers, traffic flow and accessibility. Convenient retail is successful retail. Once we have analyzed all of these factors, we adjust our preliminary trade area to account for our findings. The result is a custom polygon that represents a true consumer base. This methodology has been perfected through years of experience and diligent research and provides a result more tailored than concentric rings or drive times. The results of our method are justifiable and proven to be effective marketing information.

Once the trade area is defined, we collect demographics for the trade area and the city limits. This information in conjunction with data provided from the city is compiled in an easy to read format giving an accurate representation of the growth, education level, income level and overall demographic make-up of the consumers. This report allows us to identify strengths and weaknesses in a market and move forward in the right direction.

Retailers are looking for specific requirements when trying to choose a site for their next project. Having your community's information compiled by a third party and presented in a professional format will let the retailers know you are a proactive city that wants to make their job as easy as possible. The easier you make it for site selectors, the more likely they are to consider your community.

Our Opportunity Gap Analysis (Retail Leakage) provides an actionable portrait of sales opportunity, allowing you to maximize your growth strategies by targeting retailers that fill the sales gaps that exist in your marketplace. By using sales potential to depict supply and geography-based estimates of potential annual consumer expenditures to depict demand within a specific market, an opportunity gap analysis of the retail environment is defined. When you know what people are leaving your community to buy, you can begin an educated retail recruitment campaign to the appropriate retailers to stop the revenue bleed.

Our market reports are based on and built around comments and suggestions from retail real estate professionals, tenant rep brokers, and experienced retail developers. At the suggestion of these professionals we have refined and scaled our demographic and market analysis reports to contain the precise information that needs to be relayed and understood to allow quick comprehension of key site and market questions, conditions, and issues.

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The strategic planning process steps you through the four stages of planning.

  • Establish a clear mission/vision statement that will be used to guide the process
  • Identify those critical issues that impact the overall health of the City
  • Determine the responsibilities of key stakeholders in addressing those issues
  • Develop a multi-year Strategic Plan (Plan) for the City

Once Retail Attractions, LLC is retained by a city, we provide a detailed project completion schedule prior to the commencement of the project. The planning process contains four primary phases.

Phase 1 – Assessment Review
Retail Attractions will conduct a review of reports and plans currently in use to guide the short and long range actions of the City. In addition, Retail Attractions will conduct confidential stakeholder interviews to understand what those in the community consider to be key issues facing the City. Stakeholder interviews include roughly 10 – 20 individuals identified by the City. The group should be a diverse group of business leaders, City staff, and community advocates. A report, detailing the results of the interviews is developed and presented to the City prior to the initiation of the Visioning Workshop.

Phase II – Visioning Workshop
Retail Attractions will conduct a one- or two-day workshop with the City and other stakeholders during Phase II. The workshop is intended to mirror a work session whereby key components of the Plan will be identified. A review of the Phase I report (stakeholder interviews) and the development of a clearly articulated mission/vision statement will also be developed during this phase. Retail Attractions will facilitate the workshop by using Issue Based strategies to analyze the key opportunities and challenges facing the City. Scenario Planning methods will then be used to determine the appropriate strategies in responding to the opportunities, challenges, or related changes that might influence the overall health of the City. The workshop should be open to the public and should include a public comment period as part of its agenda.

Phase III – Plan Development
During Phase III, Retail Attractions will develop the written plan document. The Plan will outline future projects and tasks to be undertaken by the City and/or stakeholders in implementing the strategies identified during the Visioning Workshop. This will also include a listing of stakeholder responsibilities, target completion dates, and measurable action items. In addition, the Plan will define potential funding sources for program tasks.

Phase IV – Plan Implementation
If requested by the City, Retail Attractions will conduct follow-up assessments to determine the overall success of the Plan implementation. Assessments will be conducted utilizing quarterly or semi-annual stakeholder meetings and surveys as well as project management analysis.

This Strategic Planning process has been proven. Contact us today at (918) 376-6707 to begin the journey to healthy economic growth.

Retail Attractions, LLC is able to provide current digital aerial photography of most of our client cities. The aerial data is available in electronic or print media. If we don't have the images you need on file, Retail Attractions also provides aerial photography services. Aerial photography is a valuable resource for development projects, and we offer a wide variety of services to meet your every need. Drone photography or videography is available as is professional aerial shots from a traditional or satellite perspective. Call or email for a price quote for new photography or archived images of partner cities.

Vertical Aerial Photography
Image taken directly overhead and above of your property or site. This view is also known as map-like images or birds eye view giving you a 90 degree straight down view. Our specially modified aircraft, give us the ability to provide you and your company with high resolution "TRUE" 90 degree vertical images. This service is perfect for:

  • GIS
  • Surveying
  • Engineering
  • Aerial Mapping
  • Site Planning
  • Soil Analysis
  • Legal Issues
  • Accident Analysis
  • Land Disputes

Oblique Aerial Photography
Images taken from the side of the aircraft at an angle of the property and ground, allowing you to appreciate the land perspective, height of buildings and vegetation. These images can be acquired at different height levels, according to your needs. This service is perfect for:

  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Engineering
  • Construction Progress
  • Marketing

Construction Progression Shots
Document and follow each step of your construction project. Aerial images enhance monthly progress reports and marketing materials. Our aerial images can also help you avoid costly delays in the event of a dispute.

Graphic Overlays
Graphic overlays help aerial photographs delineate more information. With this add-on service we clearly mark and highlight landmarks, local retail logos, businesses, access roads and intersections to help you make informed decisions.

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In today’s highly technical world, when retailers or developers begin to research possibilities for new sites they almost always begin their search on the internet. Cities must apply technology to stay competitive. I have been asked many times what is priority when it comes to city economic development budgets. My answer is nearly always on a technically savvy, well designed website that communicates your local story well.

If your city has a poorly designed web site or does not provide accurate, up to date data your community may be eliminated from the search or looked over in scheduling for new development. Cities need to be very aggressive and utilize all available technology to set themselves apart from their competition.

Retail Attractions has partnered with a full service website development firm that provides customized solutions tailored to each community’s specific needs. This partnership allows Retail Attractions to offer website consulting, design, development, hosting, and maintenance services. We can save you time and money.

Contact Retail Attractions for more details on how we can help grow your community through our website design solutions.

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