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What people are saying about Retail Attractions

Our business is built on relationships. Through the years we have developed relationships in the municipal, retail and development worlds that have allowed us to serve our clients needs effectively with integrity and honesty.

Please look through our testimonials to get a better understanding of the company and the work we have done through the years.

If you would like more information or to contact those individuals listed here, please contact Rickey Hayes.

Retail Attractions Testimonial

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"People have asked me why I recommended Retail Attractions to City Council. The reason is simple, with all of his experience Rickey 'gets it'. We didn’t need a consultant coming in here and telling us what we didn’t have or what we needed. We already knew that. What we needed was a consultant with the connections to help us get to work getting those companies and franchises here. We needed results not reports. We expected performance not platitudes. Retail Attractions delivers results. That’s why we hired him."

Bret Gardella
Economic Development Manager
Rock Island, Illinois

"The Retail Attractions Team understands the process of economic development. They are experienced, politically astute and sensitive to community dynamics. They know the art of creating a deal - facilitating and brokering all facets, and addressing every detail. Retail Attractions knows how to create results for all parties - the investor, the developer, the tenant and, most importantly, the community.

Rickey and his team add value because they have public and private experience, and a track record of success. They have the resources and expertise to gather the data, provide critical analysis, make spot-on recommendation, and work the plan in collaboration with community leadership.

Retail Attractions brings a wealth of relationships with investors, developers and retail real estate decision makers. They will not only get your community in the door, they know how to close the deal."

Steve Gilbert
Paris Economic Development Corporation
Paris, Texas

"When I need assistance with new sites for our retail and restaurant tenants, the first call I make is to Rickey Hayes and his team at Retail Attractions. Rickey's attention to detail, his staff's ability to drop anything and provide immediate assistance, and the uncanny ability to find the exact market data, site info, or any other facts of figures you need is why we make that call. There are other firms that provide retail related data, and they are great companies, but they do not so what Retail Attractions does. It's plain and simple."

Michael Stern, Principal
Edge Realty Partners
Dallas, Texas

"Rickey Hayes and I have been associates, confidants, advisors and friends to one another for several years. Most economic developers still shun retail development; few have the skills, expertise or contacts necessary to coach a willing city council and staff in the complex strategies and tactics of winning retail deals. Rickey does. There are notable successful economic development consultants but Rickey Hayes stands alone when it comes to retail development."

Mickey Thompson
President and CEO
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Chamber of Commerce &
Broken Arrow Economic Development Corporation

"As a commercial real estate broker for NAI, I have known and worked with Rickey Hayes for five years. I first met Rickey when he was the Economic Development Director for the City of Owasso, Oklahoma. The successful retail developments he helped bring to Owasso is in itself a testimony for Rickey's hard work, knowledge, and experience in the business. Rickey not only understands the economics of the project, he also understands the needs and concerns of the developers and retailers. Rickey has the knowledge and contacts to help make projects successful and I look forward to working with him in the future."

Robin O'Grady
Retail Specialist
NAI Sullivan Group
Oklahoma City, OK

"Rickey’s role as the City of Owasso’s Economic Development Director was of paramount importance to the school district. Rickey’s efforts during a time of exceptional growth brought numerous developers and individuals seeking development opportunities to the City of Owasso. The result of Rickey’s tireless campaign was the construction of multiple new businesses, hotels and shopping facilities. This in turn made Owasso School’s bonding capacity and its ability to pass large bond measures increase dramatically in a relatively short period of time."

 Dr. Clark Oglivie
Owasso Public Schools

"As a former state senator in Oklahoma and now as an economic development director in a struggling economy, I know how tough it is to generate much needed sales tax revenue. I have known and worked with Retail Attractions, LLC since the company began in 2007. As an economic developer, I have heard pitches from other companies trying to provide services to help cities promote retail growth. Do all the comparisons you want…at the end of the day cities need more than data, marketing material, and reports. Rickey Hayes understands retail development from both the public and private sector and it is his relationships with the retail world and the developers that sets his company apart. If you desire new retail growth in your community, there is only one company to consider. Hire Retail Attractions."

Ted Fisher
Economic Development Director
City of Sapulpa, Oklahoma

"I worked with Rickey while he served as the Economic Development Director for the City of Owasso. As the owner of a growing business, I am a client of Retail Attractions because I value the expertise, wisdom, and counsel that Rickey brings to the table.

From a business standpoint, he understands the importance of staying on point and meeting deadlines. He is goal orientated and works well under pressure. I have watched him work to create an environment that will allow large corporate chains, as well as small businesses to flourish in Owasso, OK. He understands the dynamics of small towns going through a steady retail and economic growth and has provided valuable insight for growth to numerous business owners in Owasso."

Angela Ritchie, Owner
Creative Insurance
Owasso, Oklahoma

"I have known and worked with Rickey Hayes for several years when his work was primarily in the realm of city government. His understanding of the needs of the development community and his willingness to work above and beyond the call of duty paid great dividends for the City of Owasso. He has saved my company time and money many times by working behind the scenes in solving complex zoning issues, regulatory problems, and other inevitable issues and conflicts that arise in the development world. I am very excited to recommend the professional services of Retail Attractions to both cities and developers. Rickey´s skill and expertise, his ability to simplify and solve problems, his personal integrity and his willingness to work to close a deal makes hotel development more efficient."

Robert Patel
Leisure Hospitality
Management, Inc.

"I attended an event today that for quite some time I thought highly unlikely to ever occur—the grand opening of the Sam’s Club on North 10th in McAllen. Thanks to all for your help in getting that project done."

Kevin Pagan
City Attorney
City of McAllen, Texas

"The dynamic growth of Owasso can be attributed directly to Rickey's hard work and his knowledge of how city government/private developer relationships work.

We find that our national retail and restaurant clients are often wary of small to mid-size communities because of past experiences. Rickey has extensive contacts at the highest levels with national retailers, restaurants, and developers, and because of the manner in which he has dealt with them in the past, he is trusted as being able to cut through local bureaucracy and "get things done". His experience and personal integrity gives him the ability to bridge the communication gap that often exists between those national developers, restaurants, and retailers who want to be in a community and the community itself desiring to attract these tax-producing corporate citizens."

Roy Brashears,
Managing Partner
ORION Realty Advisors
Sapulpa, Oklahoma

"Our company does development work and site selection for national retail clients including CVS Pharmacies. When I’m in a need of information about sites, local development issues, or other commercial real estate or development problems in Oklahoma, Retail Attractions, LLC is the first one I call. I have worked with Rickey Hayes on several retail projects in several communities and have always been satisfied by prompt, professional, and efficient service. Thanks a lot for your help."

Douglas Florence
Armstrong Development
Irving, Texas

"Over the past year, our community has enjoyed an overwhelmingly positive impact by the work Mr. Hayes has performed, and he continually exceeds the parameters that were set at the beginning of his contract with the City of Enid.

Mr. Hayes has provided the City of Enid imagination, resourcefulness and an uncanny vision for economic growth. He has built his widely respected reputation by constructing strong professional relationships, committed accessibility to his clients and more importantly, has shown he is a businessman of great integrity."

Eric Benson
City Manager
City of Enid

"In 2009, I chaired the Enid Municipal Retail Task Force to improve retail retention, sales and resultant sales tax. We considered several well recommended consultants, but agreed that Retail Attractions was the best fit. The Enid City Commission hired Retail Attractions and all here believe that was one of the best decisions of 2009.

Rickey Hayes and his staff immediately immersed themselves in Enid. They drove and recorded every commercial corridor for streetscape improvement and soon had empirical data to make and implement a coordinated action plan. This plan was in operation quick enough that Enid was represented at the important ICSC trade show only 60 days after his engagement."

Bob Berry
D.C. Bass & Sons
Enid, Oklahoma

"I highly recommend Retail Attractions, LLC and its principal, Rickey Hayes, to any community desiring retail investment and the corresponding sales tax revenue. Rickey understands the complex world of retail development and comprehends and anticipates issues on the government side. Rickey is a relationship builder and a problem solver.

Rickey has a yeoman's work ethic and is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty. He has made a positive impact on our community, and I firmly believe he can do the same for yours."

Rodney Ray
City Manager
Owasso, Oklahoma

"I would like to recommend Mr. Rickey Hayes of Retail Attractions to any community wishing to recruit national retailers to locate in their market region. I have known and worked with Rickey for several years through the Oklahoma Professional Economic Development Council which is made up of economic developers from across the state. He has the highest respect of that group of professionals, and is recognized as a specialist in major retail development.

Rickey's experience working with site locators is where his value lies. He understands their perspective of where markets are viable and ready to be developed. His reputation and relationships allow him easy access to site locators who are looking to expand their retail market reach. He understands the demographics they're looking for and has the ability to present the critical data that substantiates the feasibility of a development project."

Kay Wade, Director
Logan County Economic Development Council
Logan County, Oklahoma

"Since I’ve graduated from college the only career I’ve ever had is in the commercial real estate business. I have been a Partner in two national firms and currently the Managing Director of the Grubb & Ellis office in Tulsa, Oklahoma. One thing that has stayed consistent in this business regardless of geography or market conditions is that relationships and character win the good business.

Rickey Hayes, owner of Retail Attractions, LLC is a perfect example of exactly how those two elements still hold true today. Rickey has continued to display honesty, integrity, tolerance and loyalty to his peers and his clients. He has shown time and time again that doing the right thing out weighs doing the easy or most profitable thing. Rickey’s knowledge of the retail market is second to none in this region, so much to the point that I’ve tried many times to hire him at our firm.

I would always recommend Rickey based on his experience, market knowledge, and leadership – but more than anything I would recommend Rickey because of his character. He’s been in this business and in this market in various forms of retail and economic development for more than 10 years and still carries an incredibly clean reputation to work every day."

Jared Andresen
Managing Director
Grubb and Ellis
Tulsa, Oklahoma

"Retail Attractions has the reputation and relationships in the retail world to make deals happen. As a widely respected Economic Development consultant, Rickey Hayes is known for his integrity and resourcefulness. Retail Attractions has experience crafting incentives to entice retailers to communities they might have otherwise overlooked. Rickey and his team have had a positive impact on communities across the Midwest by increasing retail investment and the corresponding sales tax revenue. I would recommend Retail Attractions to any community that wants to set themselves apart from the pack."

Steve Whitlock
City Manager
Coweta, Oklahoma

"I worked with Rickey Hayes on the City of Owasso's team during a time when our city led the State of Oklahoma in new commercial development. This extraordinary time of growth proved beyond a doubt that any community large or small can literally change the development landscape by thinking outside the box and deploying an easy, simple development process. Rickey was the mastermind behind the process. His unique approach to municipal business development redefined private-public partnerships and created a new market, one where local government can foster transparent, prosperous business partnerships with the private sector to create better communities."

Ana Stagg, PE, CFM
Meshek and Associates
Tulsa, Oklahoma

"The difficult economic climate in the country for the past several years has generated fierce competition between large, medium and small cities to capture retail projects. Rickey understands that the developer must have a national/regional anchor store (40,000 to 200,000 SF) in order to attract national/regional junior anchors (15,000 to 25,000 SF) who then attract smaller retailers and restaurants.

By forging a workable public/private partnership, Rickey will assist in bringing new retail to client cities to enhance quality of life, jobs, capital expenditures, tax revenues and will cause more new retailers to follow. We strongly recommend your consideration of contracting with Retail Attractions, LLC to guide you in attracting new retailers and developers to your city"

James W. Dill, CEO
Vector Securities Corporation

"As a designer of Master Planned Communities, I have been blessed to have worked on large newly developing communities in over thirty-six states and nine foreign countries. This experience has given me the opportunity to meet and work with professional people that develop these master plans and transform them to reality. I can truthfully say, without any exception the most experienced and most qualified of these people is Mr. Rickey Hayes.

I would offer Mr. Hayes any opportunity where good and quality is the community's desire."

Bland P. Pittman, President
Pittman Poe & Associates
Tulsa, Oklahoma

"Our firm is active in representing institution and private owners in the sale of retail assets. I have known and worked with Retail Attractions, LLC and the company’s principle, Rickey Hayes, for many years. Our first interaction was with the sale of Smith Farm Marketplace, a $55 million retail power center developed by Hunt Properties of Dallas, which Rickey was involved in from day one. Since that time we have collaborated on several projects. Rickey’s relationships with retail and restaurant tenants and the developers who build for them creates synergy for cities and for companies like ours who market retail assets to investment buyers.

Retail Attractions has an uncanny knack of seeing and understanding both the positive and the negative nuances in a retail market that are often overlooked when private and institutional investors begin their due diligence on a retail or mixed used project. I highly recommend Rickey and his firm, whether you are a city official looking to grow your retail base or a developer or retailer needing assistance in a market."

Adam Howells, Managing Partner
UCR Investment Sales
Dallas, Texas

"Simply put, Rickey Hayes is a man who can actually do what he says he can do. His track record of attracting significant retail during his tenure as Economic Development Director for the City of Owasso, Oklahoma was outstanding. I've personally known Rickey for several years and have worked alongside him to bring development to another Oklahoma community. I've seen firsthand how he employs his knowledge of the process, the marketplace, and the principals in the retail and development world to provide a valuable service to his clients, both on the municipal and on the development side."

Mike Parrish, Owner
Parrish Realty Company
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

"I have known Rickey Hayes for approximately seven years in both a professional and personal capacity. Rickey was very instrumental in providing assistance in final site location, analyzing and verifying the market and assisting our company in working through various development issues with the city, and ultimately constructing and opening St. John Owasso Hospital. In addition to the hands on work in Owasso, Retail Attractions consulted with our firm on the St. John project in Broken Arrow. Our group has also has worked with Rickey in several other communities. It was obvious that Rickey brought not only experience but also enthusiasm to his job and in his dealings with not only our group but also with all the other disciplines involved in a large development project. It was during this time that I began to know him on a personal basis and have always found him to be a man of integrity and a man who does what he says he will do.

I am extremely happy to recommend the services of Retail Attractions, LLC to any city or private sector group looking to do quality retail, medical, residential or office development. Currently our company is discussing several potential projects with the Retail Attractions team."

Michael Garrett
Stone Ridge Development, LLC
Edmond, Oklahoma

"It was a pure delight to work with Rickey Hayes in connection with the real estate closing and then ultimately the development of a large retail facility in Owasso. Mr. Hayes was instrumental in coordinating a very complicated deal involving the adjacent property owners, the interests and concerns of the national retailers involved, and the various governmental parties to achieve access, complicated tax incremental financing, and the consummation of the deal. Rickey will be an asset to your city and has a proven record of going past the call of duty to get a transaction completed."

Alexandra Smith
Kane, Russell, Coleman
& Logan PC
Dallas, Texas

"As CEO for a local 200 employee company, I wish to thank Rickey Hayes for his personal and timely response to calls and concerns over the past few years. Rickey has served as an excellent advocate for our business when dealing with City matters such as signage, street issues, lighting, etc.

As an advocate for all local businesses, I appreciate that Rickey personally met with the City Manager or supervisors to explain the importance of our concerns and how the City could be of assistance."

David L. Phillips, CEO
St. John Hospital
Owasso, Oklahoma

"Rickey Hayes was a key component to the successful location of Tractor Supply Company Store in Glenpool, Oklahoma. There were several times that we were ready to walk away from the deal, but Rickey was able to bridge the communication gap between parties with his experience in development projects. Retail Attractions was extremely valuable to me, and I am sure to the City of Glenpool as well."

Brad Brody
Tractor Supply Company
West Des Moines, IA

"I would highly recommend any city / municipality interested in developing their city commercially and the sales tax revenues that commercial development brings to the table, to strongly consider Rickey and his vast experience and ability in that arena."

Stan Frisbie
Commercial Broker
Ft Myers, Florida

"I am involved in Commercial Real Estate Development activities throughout the Tulsa metro area, and I continue to be impressed by Rickey's commitment to regional retail development and by his strong work ethic. He understands economic development and what it takes to make things happen in that arena. He has a strong network of relationships in the commercial and retail development markets, and a can-do attitude that investors and the public both respond to positively.

I am convinced that Rickey's knowledge, work ethic and experience will serve to propel future clients to the next level of economic development, which is good for all of us long-term."

Phil Roland
Retail / Office / Mixed Use Developer
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

"I hope to work with Retail Attractions again very soon. It was a pleasure doing business with Rickey Hayes in Owasso. He is a man of his word who can also deliver."

Kevin Sendrey
New Store Real Estate
Plano, Texas

"I am pleased to be able to recommend one of the finest individuals I have ever worked with. Rickey and I first met and worked together on Smith Farms Marketplace, a $55 million dollar power retail center in Owasso, Oklahoma. I have been in the retail development business over 20 years and can say without a doubt this was the smoothest and most successful project in which I have ever been involved. Rickey was able to help convince all the national retailers that the strategic location of the site would produce premium sales. His help in both the public and private sector was instrumental in the project's success. Rickey's work ethic, knowledge and people skills are unparalleled.

At present, Retail Attractions is involved in daily interaction with our company on every retail deal we do. From big-box deals to build to suits for quick service restaurants. Rickey knows the ins and outs of retail development from both the private sector side and the community side...he has saved our company money and time. We highly recommend Rickey and his team to cities, retailers and restaurants, and the development community. He knows his stuff and over delivers...every time."

Jim Shindler,  CCIM
Managing Partner
Conifer Real Estate
Southlake, Texas

"This is just a word of thanks and appreciation for your continued support and dedication to the City of Claremore, the City of Catoosa and surrounding communities.  I  thank you for your company’s efforts to assist Rogers County communities in recruiting new retail investment and the accompanying sales tax growth that new retail development brings to the table. Your contacts and relationships with the retail world have opened doors that couldn’t have been opened."

Mike Helm, Chairman
Rogers County Board
of County Commissioners

"Rickey Hayes is, without a doubt, the most capable economic development director of any municipality that I have worked with in my 20 years of legal practice. My practice principally involves the development of retail facilities in cities across the United States. He was able to define a very unique and difficult market area and presented a compelling story to both retailers and retail shopping center developers that the City of Owasso was a critical location for retail outlets and shopping center developments.

Rickey is not only very knowledgeable in all aspects of public/private partnerships between municipalities, retailers and shopping center developers, but also never failed to "go the extra mile" and do whatever was prudent for the municipality in its attempt to increase its economic base of shopping center development, retailers and, most importantly, sources of tax revenue. He has the level of sophistication necessary to succeed in all aspects of incentivized commercial development."

Raymond J. Kane
Kane, Russell, Coleman & Logan, PC
Dallas, Texas

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