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Rickey's BLOG

Rickey Hayes Retail Attractions, LLC Whether you like it or not, putting incentives into economic development deals is something your community is going to have to do. It really does not matter which side of the fence you are on, public / private partnerships are here to stay. In many instances, paying for the costs of public [...]

Written by Rickey Hayes Retail Attractions, LLC If your city is interested in recruiting new retail, city leaders need some basic understanding of the process. The foundational thing every city needs to understand is the highly competitive nature of retail development. Cities all over the country are competing for a limited number of sites for certain high demand [...]

Written by Rickey Hayes Retail Attractions, LLC Over the years it has been my great privilege to see cities and towns across America, with our company’s assistance, actually and sometimes even continually improve their situation, either in quality of life for their citizens, their financial condition, or growing the overall “cool factor” that is so important for modern [...]

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