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Retail Attractions provides tools to help your community grow including basic demographic reports and books to help you understant the development process.


Through the years we have developed relationships in the municipal, retail and development worlds that have allowed us to serve our clients needs effectively with integrity and honesty.


See what Retail Attractions has going on in their client communities and in the development world. We work hard to stay on top of things with clients, retailers, brokers and developers.


Watch short videos describing the retail process, how to make your community stand out, how to prepare for retail development and testimonials from our clients.


Retail development is much easier when you have relationships with the poeple you are working with. Visit our partners page for a list of retail partners and development partners.


What makes Retail Attractions different?


Unlike our competitors, Retail Attractions began with the idea that the foundation of our services for our client communities should not solely consist of data, pretty presentations or reports. Our acute focus is grassroots, high-energy retail recruiting and market validation. The source of our continued  success and effective retail recruitment is based on our relationships with the players in this field.

Our staff is focused on constant communication with established development groups and retail/restaurant connections, which ensures our client communities stay on the radar of growth driven tenants across a wide spectrum of the traditional retail and specialty outlet industry. We not only maintain these relationships, but our strategic focus on our client cities allows us to anticipate retail trends in the market and be one step ahead of our competitors.

Rickey and his team believe in doing business honestly, ethically, and efficiently. When you are ready to get started, we are ready to go to work for you. Call Retail Attractions at (918) 376-6707 or e-mail us today.



What makes Retail Attractions different?


Retail Attractions, LLC was founded by Owner/CEO Rickey Hayes in 2007 to provide a suite of services to cities and other governmental entities who desire to see new retail development in their community and the increased sales tax and ad valorem tax revenue that retail and other commercial development brings to the community. Both communities and their citizens benefit when national retailers and restaurants, quality residential developments, state of the art health care and office facilities choose to locate in their city.

Our goal is to assist those responsible for bringing retail and other commercial development to cities and to make their jobs easier and more effective. Developers and retailers benefit from choosing a location in a Retail Attractions client city because our efforts are geared at helping the local governments make the development process smooth and efficient.

Our firm serves as a problem solving, solution-creating liaison between the public and the private sectors, which alleviates potential road blocks and helps make economic development successful.


What makes Retail Attractions different?


While serving as the Economic Development Director for the City of Owasso for six years, Rickey Hayes facilitated new commercial construction totaling more than 10 million square feet of retail and other mixed use development. This construction produced more than half a billion dollars in total value, resulting in a city sales tax base more than triple what it had been previous to the new development. Since beginning Retail Attractions, Rickey has helped cities launch millions of square feet of additional retail space and reap the associated benefits in additional revenues, goods and services for their citizens. As CEO of Retail Attractions, Rickey is a consultant not only to the private sector, but to cities, counties, economic development agencies, states and a couple sovereign nations as well. Rickey and his team have worked in over 400 communities in 37 states, directly or indirectly in the eight years they have been in the business of making communities better. Rickey has developed an extensive personal network of relationships in the areas of government relations, retail, restaurant and land development, real estate and site selection, leasing and tenanting and engineering.

Rickey has also demonstrated success in producing effective, creative financing opportunities and incentives to expedite the success of public and private partnerships for development projects.


What makes Retail Attractions different?


Since 2007, Retail Attractions, LLC has worked directly or indirectly with over 400 communities, in 37 states across the country. Direct contact entails being contracted by a City, Chamber or EDC to recruit retail, restaurant, office and mixed use development in a community, including medical, residential and multi-family development. Indirect contact indicates that a retailer, restaurant, developer or development company has contracted with us to offer them some form of developmental assistance, such as entitlements, annexation, zoning, incentives or other necessary consulting roles. We have effectively assisted cities in marketing their retail potential to national retailers and restaurants in every conceivable manner. Our scope of work includes local, regional and national efforts to make direct contact with not only real estate departments for retailers and restaurants, but also the corporate real estate contacts for these companies, as well as their tenant representatives, franchise owners, brokers, engineering firms and developers.


What makes Retail Attractions different?


This map represents some of the communities we have worked in. In addition, we have direct working relationships with over 200 development groups from across the country and relationships with the entire global spectrum of the retail and restaurant industry.

Our firm is intent on providing the maximum return on investment for our clients. We understand the role and process of economic development, in both the public and private sector. Our strong relationships with developers and representatives from every facet of retail development ensure your community’s market data will be effective and the subtle nuances of the data is put into the right person’s hand. Our services guarantee strategic follow-up and interaction will continue until the goal of new retail investment and new sales tax revenue is realized in your community.

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