2 Large Tracts West of Highway 75

The property is located west of the intersection of SH 20 (146th Street North) and US 75. The property consists of two hard corners approximately 10 acres to the north and 20 acres to the south of SH 20 just west of US 75. The position west of Highway 75 gives the property more than double the traffic count of properties located east of Highway 75, and travelers to and from Skiatook and Skiatook Lake would have more convenient access to properties on the west side of US 75. The property is in Skiatook city limits and sanitary sewer line is being extended to the US 75 corridor. The area has strong commuter traffic travelling to and from Tulsa to the south and Bartlesville to the north as shown in the Daily Traffic Counts graphic above. This area has experienced tremendous growth over the past two decades and the growth
is expected to continue. The QuikTrip success is a testament to the retail potential of this area.

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