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I hope to work with Retail Attractions again very soon. It was a pleasure doing business with you in Owasso. You are a man of your word who can also deliver.

Kevin Sendrey
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Strategic Planning

The strategic planning process steps you through the four stages of planning.

  • Establish a clear mission/vision statement that will be used to guide the process
  • Identify those critical issues that impact the overall health of the City
  • Determine the responsibilities of key stakeholders in addressing those issues
  • Develop a multi-year Strategic Plan (Plan) for the City

Once Retail Attractions is retained by a city, we provide a detailed project completion schedule prior to the commencement of the project. The planning process contains four primary phases.

Phase 1 – Assessment Review
Retail Attractions will conduct a review of reports and plans currently in use to guide the short and long range actions of the City. In addition, Retail Attractions will conduct confidential stakeholder interviews to understand what those in the community consider to be key issues facing the City. Stakeholder interviews include roughly 10 – 20 individuals identified by the City. The group should be a diverse group of business leaders, City staff, and community advocates. A report, detailing the results of the interviews is developed and presented to the City prior to the initiation of the Visioning Workshop.

Phase II – Visioning Workshop
Retail Attractions will conduct a one- or two-day workshop with the City and other stakeholders during Phase II. The workshop is intended to mirror a work session whereby key components of the Plan will be identified. A review of the Phase I report (stakeholder interviews) and the development of a clearly articulated mission/vision statement will also be developed during this phase. Retail Attractions will facilitate the workshop by using Issue Based strategies to analyze the key opportunities and challenges facing the City. Scenario Planning methods will then be used to determine the appropriate strategies in responding to the opportunities, challenges, or related changes that might influence the overall health of the City. The workshop should be open to the public and should include a public comment period as part of its agenda.

Phase III – Plan Development
During Phase III, Retail Attractions will develop the written plan document. The Plan will outline future projects and tasks to be undertaken by the City and/or stakeholders in implementing the strategies identified during the Visioning Workshop. This will also include a listing of stakeholder responsibilities, target completion dates, and measurable action items. In addition, the Plan will define potential funding sources for program tasks.

Phase IV – Plan Implementation
If requested by the City, Retail Attractions will conduct follow-up assessments to determine the overall success of the Plan implementation. Assessments will be conducted utilizing quarterly or semi-annual stakeholder meetings and surveys as well as project management analysis.

This Strategic Planning process has been proven. Contact us today at (918) 376-6707 to begin the journey to healthy economic growth.

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