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Retail Attractions Development Strategies

Every consulting project is unique, but these are some of the general strategies employed by Retail Attractions to achieve economic development and growth in your community.

  • Assess the City's current situation, including both obstacles and opportunities. 
  • Identify sources of public and private funding.
  • Identify trade area and retail supply leakages in trade area. 
  • Identify and recruit targeted retailers and retail developers to your community. 
  • Manage marketing efforts to attract new businesses to the City.
  • Serve as a liaison between the City and the development community as needed to facilitate the process of commercial investment in the community.  
  • Advise and assist the City in real estate transactions, development opportunities or other processes in regard to development efforts. 
  • Advise and assist the City in developing incentive programs, partnerships with developers and agreements that will be to the best advantage of the City. 
  • Advise the City in regard to infrastructure needs that will be necessary to support each stage of development.  
  • Advise and assist the City in public relation efforts regarding development in the City.
  • Engage network contacts on behalf of the City to make sure the right people in the development community know about the opportunities in the City.
  • Develop a plan to keep the City in front of the development community.  
  • Introduce City officials to network contacts to enhance the city's ability to market itself in the future.

This process has been proven. We have Tiered Levels of Service to accommodate the needs and budget of most communities.  Contact us today at (918) 376-6707 to begin the journey to healthy economic growth.


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