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Second book by City of Wagoner's retail consultant now available; special two-book deal offered to first 20 to order

It’s a special thing when someone works for years to master something as complex as retail and economic development within municipalities, towns and counties.

It’s even a bit more special when that master chooses to share his wisdom, experience and knowledge, jotting down the tricks of the trade and ins and outs of retail deal-making in a published book.

Rickey Hayes, owner, CEO and founder of the consulting business, Retail Attractions, LLC, has done just that ... twice.

Hayes’s new book, The Devil’s in the Details: Things That Challenge City Government and the Language of Development, is now available for purchase.

The book is a continuation and more in-depth look at retail development and recruitment following his first book, City on a Hill: A Book on Cities and How to Make Them Better.

As a matter of fact, a special two-book deal is being offered that makes available both of Hayes' books at half price to the first 20 people that email or call (918) 376-6707 to order a copy of the new book.

Both books are also available on Amazon. Follow this link to order The Devil’s in the Details from there and this link for City on a Hill.

City on a Hill was published in early 2016 and has seen great success since then. It has only five-star reviews on Amazon, with comments such as “... thought provoking” and “City on a Hill is a very interesting and informative book ... ” and “If you are part of a municipality, trying to make your market grow, this should be required reading,” amongst many other positive reviews.

The short description on Amazon says the book is “a basic primer for city managers and city councilors, mayors and other elected officials on the principles of retail and economic development.”

While City on a Hill chronicled much of Hayes’s work for the City of Owasso, first as part of its staff and then on to his consulting business, Retail Attractions, The Devil’s in the Details goes deeper into the realm of retail development industry.

Hayes starts right out of the gate in book number two — no soft introductions or pleasantries. He gets immediately to digging down deep into the tension associated with retail development and recruitment, explaining the trials and tribulations that are to be overcome when having to bring so many entities together — city government, property owners, retail businesses, etc.

The first chapter goes into that tension involved and some ways to avoid it. Below is an excerpt:

“Tension ... The word is defined in many ways. Tension is what we have when opposing elements or philosophies clash. Tension is created when a state or condition of mental, emotional, philosophical or other opposing conditions collide. Tension occurs when the physical or metaphysical condition of people is being stretched or strained. Economic development brings change. All change causes tension, and since change is inevitable ... so is tension.

“Healthy things grow. Healthy people, plants, animals and businesses all grow. Cities grow. All growth brings change. Think about it. Growth makes everything change ... and that brings much tension. Growth brings a tension that brings forth challenges. Naturally, challenges produce even more tension. However, since tension and tribulations are a fact of life, we need to not only accept that tension as part of everyday work and life but learn to bear it and work through it. We must find creative ways to overcome the stigma of it.”

Hayes said language is crucial in all deals, crucial to all business and crucial to all understanding. That's the reason he said the decision was made to make the final chapter a special glossary of retail development industry terms, compiled by Hayes and explained in his concise and conversational language.

“The second book brings it all into perspective and helps pull it into one solid narrative that can be put to use in real life," Hayes said. "The books together complete the package -- together they are a very in-depth and complete look at it all -- but just by reading The Devil's in the Details you will have a better understanding of how the processes of retail recruitment and development work and be able grow with my concepts to significantly build any city or town.”

For more information, to order a copy of either books and to find out more information about Hayes' company, Retail Attractions, visit
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